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    Application Fee Waiver 2020 - 2021

    Harvard Law School grants fee waivers solely on the basis of financial need. Applicants who lack the financial resources to pay the $85 HLS application fee, and who would experience economic hardship if required to pay that fee, may complete this form to request a fee waiver.

    Please be aware that if the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has already granted you a LSAT/LSAC Credential Assembly Service fee waiver and you apply to HLS, your application fee will be waived and you do not need to submit this request form.

    This form is submitted to the J.D. Admissions Office for the purpose of determining eligibility for waiver of the HLS application fee.  That determination is conducted separate and apart from the process of determining eligibility for need-based financial aid, which is assessed by the J.D. Student Financial Services Office after a student is admitted to Harvard Law School.  For more information about Harvard Law School's need-based financial aid policy, please visit the J.D. Student Financial Services website.

    Please be aware that we require your LSAC number in order to process your fee waiver request.

    Registration is no longer available.